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    Rigging Inspection

    Completely impartial overview of your rig for peace of mind

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In-Boom Reefing

In-boom reefing

Unlike In-Mast furling systems, In-Boom reefing allows full control over reefing whilst maintaining a lower centre of gravity. Products such as the Leisure furl In-Boom Furling System enable a perfect sail shape to be achieved with conventional roach and fully battened sails.

Fitting an In-Boom Reefing system enables reliability and convenience, not to mention the benefit of mainsail storage whilst maintaining efficiency in sail shape. Leisure furl systems can be powered by electrics or hydraulics.

Advanced Rigging offers in-boom reefing from Leisure Furl for yachts over 38 foot, Coastal Furl for light weight carbon fibre for yachts over 38 foot and Hi-Low reefer for yachts under 38 foot.

leisure furl    coastal furl    lhi-low reefer

Leisure Furl

leisure furl

The Leisure furl boom is world renowned for its reliability, quality and ease of use. The design is simple but effective, providing a no compromise solution for in-boom reefing. The booms are manufactured using high strength rolled aluminium plates (5083 H111) which produce a very elegant shape together with the required structural stiffness for heavy weather use.

Special features such as the integral sail cover, open boom front to prevent chafe of the luff tape and the use of conventional style fittings for vang, mainsheet and preventer eyes, ensure reliability and full integration with existing boom hardware and blocks.

Coastal Furl in-Boom Reefing


coastal furl

Coastal Furl is a carbon fibre in-boom reefing system for monohulls up to 50 foot and most multi-hulls up to 40 foot.

The system is designed for sails with a maximum E-measurement (sail foot length) of 7 metres and a maximum P-measure (sail luff length) of 22 metres and is possible for retro fitting to many existing rigs.

To find out more, speak to our experts at Advanced Rigging and we’ll be only too happy to advise on whether this could become a most advantageous part of your kit.

Boom shell

The boom shell is produced from carbon fibre (sandwich construction), which makes it very strong, lightweight and durable. The length of the boom shell will be adjusted to your sail plan specification.

The standard boom shell is painted matt silver, but it is possible to repaint the shell at an additional cost.


The mandrel is produced from carbon fibre, making it lighter and stronger than an equivalent aluminium tube.

On the front and aft side of the mandrel are stainless steel pad eyes to mount the sail tack and clew. Between these pad eyes a sail foot track is mounted on the mandrel to keep the sail foot in place and to flatten the sail.

Manual line drive system

The mandrel is controlled using a manual line drive system, mounted to the mast (anodized mast bracket is included).

The line drive system is made from aluminium CNC machined parts, torlon roller bearings and a ratchet locking system. It is very simple and reliable to operate from the cockpit using a winch.

Boom vang (optional extra)

The carbon fibre gas vang with clevis pins is light weight, strong, reliable and easy to use.

This boom vang is not included in the standard package. It is available at an additional cost.

Integral sail cover

Every Coastal Furl has an integral sail cover to protect the sail against the elements when it is furled.

The sail cover is made from high quality canvas. The control lines are positioned at the inboard end to extend and retract the cover into the boom shell. When stowed, the sail cover is hidden inside the boom.

Other items

The standard package includes:

  • An aluminium vang lug (the boom is reinforced at the point of application)
  • A stainless steel mainsheet pad eye (the boom is reinforced at the point of application)
  • A flexible feeder and stainless steel pre-feeder to guide the luff side of the sail from the boom to the mast track
  • Luff track, silver anodized aluminium (pre-drilled)
  • Main halyard fairlead sheave

Options Extras:

  • Additional mainsheet hanger
  • Custom paint color
  • Fittings required to attach the line drive system to the mast
  • Fittings required to attach the sail track to the mast
  • Modification required for the gooseneck bracket and knuckle
  • Installation of the Coastal Furl boom and components
Hi-Low Reefer from John Mast Hi-Low Reefer from John Mast

John Mast Hi Low Reefer

An In-Boom Reefing System which is ideal for fast and efficient reefing when sailing single handed or short crewed. A mainsail furling systems like this, enables much easier handling of the mainsail, without even leaving the cockpit. As the mainsail is lowered it is rolled inside the boom, providing protection against the elements when stowed and eliminating UV degradation.