Sail-handling hardware up to the challenge

Advanced Rigging & Hydraulics takes pride in being the exclusive distributor for Reckmann Yacht Equipment in the UK, representing the brand’s precision engineering, quality, and dependability. Whether you’re seeking a comprehensive hydraulics system for a more leisurely cruise or a cutting-edge mast jack to optimize rig control during races, our knowledgeable team at Advanced Rigging & Hydraulics is ready to assist in selecting the finest products and onboard systems tailored to your boat. Wherever you sail, you want reliability and the ease of handling that Reckmann systems deliver, and with expertise from the Advanced Rigging and Hydraulics team we can ensure smooth sailing and an optimized solution for an enjoyable time on the water.

Quality components delivering reliability

Reckmann, renowned for its commitment to top-tier functionality and utmost reliability, leads the industry in crafting reefing systems, furlers, and hydraulics systems. With decades of expertise, Reckmann manufactures innovative products catering to the precise needs of discerning sailors. CEO Marcus Schuldt reflects on the evolution of sailing preferences, “In the old days we made furling gear for boats from 30ft upwards. And when a couple went off cruising they had a 35-footer or a 40-footer. Now they tend to start with at least a 50-footer, quite often a 60-footer and sometimes even a 70-footer as their first cruising yacht. The efficiency of modern sail-handling systems allows them to manage a much bigger boat, provided they know how to operate the systems. Two people can sail a 70-footer no problem these days, just pushing buttons, but you still need to know what you’re doing.’

All components in Reckmann systems adhere to the highest quality standards, produced with precision on modern CNC machines or by skilled craftsmen. The company continually develops new products and custom solutions in-house, leveraging a team of highly qualified engineers. While manual operation is integrated into all Reckmann systems for emergency scenarios, the brand’s renowned reliability and quality service make them trusted performers in remote and challenging conditions.

Ready for your offshore dream

Many Advanced Rigging & Hydraulics customers selecting Reckmann systems in the 50-65ft (15-25m) segment are experienced blue water cruising sailors opting for refits, seeking the utmost reliability for offshore conditions. Schuldt emphasizes the value proposition of Reckmann, stating, “We are not the cheapest, but I’d argue that we’re the best value for money. These are people who really use their boats far offshore in tough conditions. And we have many clients who have swapped to our gears because there was a lack of reliability, things broke and they really need the most reliable systems.

Furling and reefing functionality hold paramount importance for large cruising catamarans, where safety concerns in strong winds necessitate reliable sail-handling systems. ‘We have already supplied furling gear for some big Lagoons, and the demand from large cats is increasing,’ Schuldt says. ‘We don’t make special systems for multihulls; the only difference is that for sure you have higher loads.

Product focus: Headsail Furlers

Reckmann Manual Headsail Reefing Systems

The manual furling systems of the MF series from Reckmann are the continuation of a long tradition of reliable and well-engineered furling systems, with both above-deck and under-deck versions suitable for both rod and wire forestays.

It is an elegant design with first-class workmanship, using the very best materials available. All axle elements, drum guard, and toggle are manufactured with precisely specified stainless steel alloys. These combined with the high-strength bronze length adjuster mechanism and the light rigid plastic drum, result in a highly functional and durable system.

The MF series is available in three system sizes for yachts from 30′ to 78′.

Electric Headsail Reefing Systems

The electric EF 90 reefing systems combine trend-setting design and peak efficiency in an overall high-capacity system. The systems are designed for use on yachts of approx. 36-70 feet in length and for wire forestays from 8 to 16 mm in diameter (alternatively rods -12 to -76). A newly developed gear technology and sophisticated bearing technology lend the smooth running EF 90 unprecedented functionality. In its construction, the self-braking worm gear is nearly maintenance-free.

It is comforting to know that it is easy to switch over to manual operation if necessary in an emergency. To guarantee secure and simple operation, loads from the sail are completely retained in the gearbox and hence cannot affect the winch handle operation. The integral stay length adjustment is likewise easy to operate and works even with the sail furled.

The system sizes of EF90-2 and EF90-3 guarantee high performance and high efficiency in simple and comfortable operation on 36-foot boats as well as much larger yachts.

Hydraulic Headsail Reefing Systems

The RF90 is a high-performance hydraulic reefing system for foresails. It is built to be virtually maintenance-free and with superior gear technology. These systems offer maximum performance and longevity. The integration of spiral-mesh gearing, sophisticated bearing design, and a self-braking worm gear, result in a quiet and smooth running system, which meets the highest industry standards.

Moreover, the special emergency manual drive fitted to the RF90 offers complete safety to the user. Through the simple insertion of a standard winch handle, the hydraulic drive is uncoupled and switched to manual operation. Thanks to a special gear mechanism, which prevents the transfer of the sail load to the winch handle, the reefing system can be operated easily and safely even in manual operation mode. All systems in this series are equipped with an easy-to-operate length adjuster for optimal trimming of mast and sail.

The hydraulic assisted length adjusters are available starting with model RF90-4.

Coming soon…

Reckmann’s core products have evolved with the changing size and type of boats that its customers sail. One upcoming product launch is a new design within the CZ range of code sail furlers, with an angled drive. It’s designed to be mounted either on the bow or inside almost any type of bowsprit. Electric and hydraulic versions are available in four standard sizes with working loads from four tons up to 16 tons.

Service and Sustainability

Whereas, from other suppliers, a new purchase is necessary after only a few years, Reckmann offers expert maintenance and repair service worldwide, for older models too. Services include replacing all necessary worn parts and testing all components for full functionality. Reckmann not only ensures that your furling system functions flawlessly at all times, but also responds to the increasing demand for more sustainable products. Service can be arranged from any UK-based yachts through Advanced Rigging & Hydraulics.

From a purely economic point of view, service accounts for between 1.5 and 3 percent of the systems’ value per year,” says Marcus Schuldt, Reckmann CEO. That is only one-fifth of the cost of the standing rigging that does not move. “Thanks to high-quality materials and technologies, we create high-performance and low-maintenance systems with proven durability.

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Advanced Rigging & Hydraulics offers a superb range of Reckmann Yacht Equipment for vessels large and small, offering new products and service options. The expert Advanced Rigging team can help you find the best products and onboard systems for your boat and ensure that they remain in optimum condition. Contact us to discuss.