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Specialists in all forms of standing and running rigging. Manufacturers of rod, composite and wire rigging and service agents, distributors and suppliers for some of the world’s leading brands including, Reckmann, OYS, Navtec, Leisure furl, Future Fibres, Gottifredi Maffioli, Kingfisher and Liros Ropes. Whether you’re looking for the most cost-effective cruising rigging, a high performance set of rods or composite rigging, or the addition of any new rigging equipment, Advanced Rigging are equipped to provide detailed impartial advice, delivery and installation where required for yachts of any size.




Since 1989 we have been involved with the supply and service for Reckmann hydraulic and manual furling systems and other Reckmann equipment for nearly all Oyster yachts above 53ft – well over 250 yachts to date ranging in size up to 125ft. With each new project we work closely with Oyster Design and Oyster project managers to ensure a successful installation and operation for all of our equipment. With introduction of larger and more recent designs such as the new 745, 825 and 885, in addition to our supply of Reckmann powered furling systems with carbon foil options and code zero furlers, we assemble and install the rigs, which involve specialist set up and supply running rigging items for sail handling.


Oyster 885

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