Standing Rigging

Rod Standing Rigging

Our rod standing rigging is solid in cross section and made in our workshops from high tensile Nitronic steel with cold formed ends. Rod Standing Rigging is typically used in performance yachts or where weight savings are required. Advanced Rigging manufacture using matching terminals to your original pattern from Navtec, OYS and BSI.

  • Future Fibres - Composite Standing Rigging

Wire Standing Rigging

We manufacture our wire standing rigging in traditional 1 x 19 stainless steel wire, typical for all cruising yachts, and also in lower stretch stainless steel Dyform wire, or compact wire that is used on most cruising and performance cruising yachts. All of the components and materials that Advanced Rigging use are from the very best quality manufacturers and suppliers, including Navtec by Hayn Marine and Sta Lok.

Composite Standing Rigging

We are suppliers of Carbon fibre or PBO fibre stays , designed for large cruisers and high performance yachts where weight savings aloft are paramount. Advanced Rigging are also distributors and service agents for Navtec Composite Rigging, OYS Composite Rigging and Future Fibres Composite Rigging.

  • Future Fibres - Composite Standing Rigging

Replacement Standing Rigging

We can produce a full set of the highest quality replacement rod or wire standing rigging and deliver anywhere in the UK, at a price that is, on average, 10% below manufacturers’ RRP. We can arrange for the collection of your existing standing rigging and delivery of your new set. Plus, all of our products incorporate a standard 12 month guarantee – best quality at the best price

For further details please read more about our Rig Inspection Service or contact us for more information.

*Free delivery is dependant on yacht size and location

Wireless Load Sensing – Smartlink

Smallest | Lightest | Strongest

smartlink, from Cyclops Marine, aims to bring you the smallest, lightest and strongest range of wireless load sensors in the world. Manufactured from titanium, precision designed for soft lines, it delivers real time load information for any performance or safety critical rope line.

Find the fast settings, repeat the fast settings, know when to adjust as the wind speed and angle changes. Complete with logging feature for post race analysis.

Multiple sensors can be viewed on either our highly intuitive App or via a gateway to your boat displays at the same time.

The product is truly ‘plug and play’ for immediate install, complete with a smartpower button feature to maximise battery life. Accurately calibrated to give you repeatable settings, the product has the highest endorsement as the preferred sensing device from leading America’s Cup Team INEOS UK, to multiple Olympic and IMOCA teams.

Available in 4 portable sizes based on your load requirement. From sheets to halyards, tack lines to backstay, vang to runners…. The possibilities are endless.

smartlink    Cyclops Marine

Wireless Load Sensing - Smarttune

Simple to retro-fit at the dock, smarttune makes repeatable headsail shape control available for yachts of all sizes, at all levels. With precision-designed, highly-accurate wireless technology, Smart Tune truly is a plug-in performance upgrade for your boat.

smarttune fittings are a simple, screw-in replacement for existing turn screws. Wireless connectivity means no need for drilling holes to run cables from the sensor, and the receiver plugs directly into your existing instrument package.

WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY – Live forestay load data is sent wirelessly to your on-board instrumentation, or direct to your smartphone, for the ultimate in convenience.

Cyclops Marine

smarttune forestay tension