Classic Rigging

Classic Rigging

At Advanced Rigging & Hydraulics, we provide a full range of traditional rigging services for all types of classic yachts, including hand splicing, leather work, turn back and seizing, serving and cross platting.

Hand Splicing.
Hand splicing of shrouds and spans in wire using a locking splice method is available. We have a full range of galvanised and stainless steel construction wire ropes to choose from.

Leather Work.
From leather covering of blocks, drop over soft eyes and cross plaiting of splices, we can provide a complete range of leather work using such leather as chromed, oil dressed and oiled butt.

Classic Blocks.
Classic blocks made from wood and tufnol available from the world’s leading manufacturer of traditional products.

From dressing traditional masts and stepping, to rig set up and sail trials; we can provide a complete service for all your traditional requirements, whether it be at our facilities in Hamble, or on site both in the UK or overseas, we provide complete solutions.