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In-Boom Furling

In-boom reefing

Unlike In-Mast furling systems, In-Boom reefing allows full control over reefing whilst maintaining a lower centre of gravity. Products such as the Leisurefurl In-Boom Furling System enable a perfect sail shape to be achieved with conventional roach and fully battened sails.

Fitting an In-Boom Reefing system enables reliability and convenience, not to mention the benefit of mainsail storage whilst maintaining efficiency in sail shape. Leisurefurl systems can be powered by electrics or hydraulics.

Advanced Rigging offers in-boom reefing from Leisurefurl for yachts over 38 foot  and Hi-Low reefer for yachts under 38 foot.

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The Leisurefurl boom is world renowned for its reliability, quality and ease of use. The design is simple but effective, providing a no compromise solution for in-boom reefing. The booms are manufactured using high strength rolled aluminium plates (5083 H111) which produce a very elegant shape together with the required structural stiffness for heavy weather use.

Special features such as the integral sail cover, open boom front to prevent chafe of the luff tape and the use of conventional style fittings for vang, mainsheet and preventer eyes, ensure reliability and full integration with existing boom hardware and blocks.

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Hi-Low Reefer from John Mast Hi-Low Reefer from John Mast

John Mast Hi Low Reefer

An In-Boom Reefing System which is ideal for fast and efficient reefing when sailing single handed or short crewed. A mainsail furling systems like this, enables much easier handling of the mainsail, without even leaving the cockpit. As the mainsail is lowered it is rolled inside the boom, providing protection against the elements when stowed and eliminating UV degradation.