Mooring & Anchor Lines

Mooring and Anchor Lines

Advanced Rigging offers a variety of high quality mooring and anchor lines to suit every size of boat. Whether you need a heavy duty line for your large motorboat or a robust light-weight line for your performance race yacht, Advanced Rigging can find the right product to suit your requirements.

Mooring lines are an extremely important consideration for your boat. You need to ensure that your mooring lines will safely and securely hold your vessel in place alongside a pontoon, or when at anchor in a secluded bay. They need to be strong and durable, but have just enough stretch to absorb the vibrations and bobbing movement of the boat when sat stationary in the water. And, of course, they need to enhance the appearance of your boat when it is tied up alongside your favourite waterside bar!

Here are some of the key features of the anchor and mooring lines that Advanced Rigging offer:

Custom Made
All mooring lines from Advanced Rigging are made up to your exact requirements to ensure they are perfect for the job in hand. The expert rigging team will take time to advise you on what lengths you will need, the best type of rope for the job and all of the finishing touches such as strops, whippings and chafe jackets.

Choice of Colours
Advanced Rigging offers a range of colours to choose from so you can match your mooring lines to your boat’s colours and style. You can even choose the colour of whipping twine used in the finishing – this could be to suit the boat’s colour scheme, or to differentiate the port and starboard or bow and stern lines to make life easy for your crew.

Production Boat Lines
If you have a production boat, Advanced Rigging have a large number of mooring line specs on record, so the chances are they will already have the information they need to produce your mooring lines without having to visit your boat.

Chafe Protection
Mooring lines are susceptible to severe wear and tear and, as such, some sort of chafe protection is usually required to protect the more vulnerable parts of the rope. This is usually in the form of a leathered eye or dyneema chafe jacket that is spliced in for extra protection at the points of the line where it is likely to wear the most.

Mooring line strops can be made up to any size you like. Mooring strops are made using looped dyneema inside a dyneema chafe jacket. They are a sacrificial part of the mooring line that takes the majority of the wear, so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear affecting your mooring lines.

Find Out More
As you can see, there are many factors you need to consider when choosing the best rope for your mooring and anchor lines. However, help is at hand and it is prudent to seek advice from your local rigger who will be able to suggest the best options for your budget, yacht and style of sailing. For more advice on the best rope solutions for your boat contact us – Call +44 02380 454 280 or email [email protected]